2016 Volume 1 No 1

Research Papers
Bibliometrics Profile of Environmental Management Studies in Hospitality Business and Recommendations for Future Research
Pages 1-12 
Erdal Arslan, Murat Emeksiz
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Restaurant Image in Social Media: The Case of Tripadvisor
Pages 13-30 
Bülent Aydın

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Evaluatıon of Tourism Statıstıcs Of Province Sinop (1995-2015)
Pages: 31-42 
Kerem Kaptangil, Aysun Gargacı, Hayrullah Çetin

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Change of Museum Experience in Goreme Open Air Museum Accordance With Demographic Charecteristics
Pages: 43-59 
İbrahim Yilmaz, Şule Ardıç Yetiş

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A Practical Study On Accommodation Companies in Nevşehir About Determining Factors of Competitive Advantage
Pages: 61-80 
Ebru Güneren Özdemir, Vildan YILMAZ

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